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This is Getting on My Nerves: Polyvagal Theory and You

Does your mood ever change suddenly for reasons that you can’t explain?  Do you sometimes suddenly feel anxious or suddenly feel exhausted?  I can say yes to both of these questions and most likely you can, too.  I just spent four inspiring days at Kripalu in the...

Why I Prefer Longer Therapy Sessions

I have worked as a therapist for 20 years and I have done things differently than most therapists for the majority of that time. I was taught in graduate school to recommend to every client that we meet weekly for a 50-minute session. I remember looking around the...

Consciousness is Medicine for Our Relationships

Consciousness is Medicine for Our Relationships We are at a crossroads in our relationships every day. Do I do my best to show up as my best self? Or do I blame you for why I don’t? I have been working with couples for 20 years and I have heard every reason why a...

Teen Turmoil: Getting Support in the Tumultuous Teen Years

When I first became a Marriage and Family Therapist I was intimidated by working with teens. I was not even a decade out of my own teen years and I had been an overwhelming force in my household as a teen. I was opinionated and vocal and I didn’t agree with my...

Repairing Relationships: The Importance of Reconnecting

A healthy relationship is not defined by always maintaining peace and harmony. In fact, when two people in a relationship never disagree, they often have unspoken gripes festering between them. I believe that a healthy relationship is one in which the people are able...

Vows: False Promises or Sacred Wisdom?

Vows: False Promises or Sacred Wisdom? What are vows and what role to they play in our marriages? I recently read an article by a couple’s therapist who said that vows are false promises and set us up for disappointment later in marriage. I was stunned. I couldn’t...

Deepening Your Connection with Your Heart

Deepening Your Connection with Your HeartI have been thinking a lot about what lies within me during these darker months of the year. This time of year feels less spacious to me because the days are so short and because the chill in the air...

Saying No

Saying NoCan you say no when you mean no? Can you be honest about your opinion or feeling when asked? If not then you might be suffering from a condition called “people-pleaser syndrome” (PPS). If you suffer from PPS you might be liked by many...

Loyalty versus Discernment in Relationships

Loyalty Versus Discernment in RelationshipsBoundaries are tricky to navigate in any relationship. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t need to have our defenses up in our relationships at all. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world. Although there are people with whom...

Therapy With Kristin

My goal as a therapist is to help each of my clients feel more empowered, balanced, and whole in their lives. Achieving this allows each client to uncover his or her unique path toward leading a fulfilled and meaningful life. Seeing my clients achieve and embrace a life of being at ease is a gift I receive nearly every day.
Kristin Nemzer

Kristin Nemzer


Kristin Nemzer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Hypnotherapist. She has been working with individuals, couples, and families for over 20 years and loves her work. She holds licenses as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California (License MFC 42308) and in the state of Hawaii (License MFT 480).

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