I have been working with clients as a therapist for 25 years. I recently worked with a client that I hadn’t seen in several years and we realized that we first met 18 years ago! I have been connected to this client as they have gone through so many changes and chapters of their life. There have been years when I have seen them weekly and years when I didn’t see them at all. I love being involved in someone’s life in this way. Over the years I have had many people say that they enjoy having an existing therapeutic relationship with me so they can schedule a session with me when they feel stuck or when they are facing a big decision or transition. Whatever the impetus, I’m grateful to be included in my clients’ circle of trusted souls. I usually play a different role than the other trusted people in their life since I usually don’t know the other people in their life and I definitely will not be included in their next dinner party or holiday. My position as an “outsider” is part of what helps me to maintain a degree of objectivity when it comes to my listening of what’s happening in their life. I find that I’m in a unique position to help my clients to connect deeply with their inner wisdom. I have no stake or bias in what decisions they make or what path they take, which allows all options to be explored. Sometimes I like imagining that I have a “bird’s-eye” view of my clients’ lives. I’m not involved but I’m around, looking from a distance, and holding their best interest in my heart, always. They consult me to help brainstorm, get perspective, explore options, feel deeply…whatever we are led to do in a session in order to connect deeply with their highest, wisest self. From that place of connection they often feel that they connect with clear vision that helps them take the next steps in their life.

So whether we had a session recently or we haven’t seen one another in many years, please know that I’m still here after 25 years and I hope to be here for many more to come! I look forward to connecting when the time is right for you. And if we have never met but somehow this message is finding you, may this be a reminder of the seed that was planted inside of you maybe long ago that you thought a meeting might be helpful. May that seed grow and blossom at just the right time.