I have called this series “Sacred Living” because that is how I like to strive to live every moment of every day. Of course I forget the sacred and chase my tail sometimes, just like everyone else, but this topic and the practices we will explore are deeply meaningful to me and have made my life a much nicer place to live.

In the course of seven gatherings we will explore:
• The meaning of living in a sacred way
• Spiritual concepts and beliefs that we will hold loosely as we look for resonance in our own hearts (you will be encouraged to only take from the series that which resonates and has meaning for you)
• Practices and rituals for bringing your attention to the sacred
• Body-centered ways of moving your energy towards the sacred
• Mind-centered ways of refining our thoughts to focus on the sacred
• Spirit-centered ways of allowing yourself to stay connected to the Great Mystery, Higher Power, Creator, Spirit….whatever word fits best for you

This is really meant to be for people who are feeling called at this time to deepen their spiritual focus. I will be revealing my wildly spiritual side.

The series will be a combination of teaching, sharing, and processing. This is not a replacement for individual therapy. This will be a group process where we will alternate between times when I am talking and teaching and times when we are interacting with one another.

Ingredients that participants need to be willing to embody are:
• Vulnerability
• Self-reflection
• Self-responsibility
• Compassion for self and others
• Open-mindedness
• Curiosity

We will share openly and deeply with one another.

For this series we will gather 7 times for 7 weeks (a sacred number that we will explore).