I have called the series “Manifesting Sacred Partnership” because I am currently working with some amazing women who are currently single and are preparing to call in their sacred partner. I hoped we could put our minds and hearts together to do some of the little-discussed, sacred work of preparation.

In the course of six gatherings we will explore:
• Your relationship history and the mark your past relationships have left on your heart
• Your relationship with yourself and how that affects your ability to receive love
• How to consciously look for what you want in the other and in yourself
• How to build an altar to love and what practices you can do there
• Practices that will prepare you to receive and give love and connection
• How to nurture your dream of manifesting sacred partnership before, during and after the partner shows up
• The meaning of sacred as it applies to our relationships

The series will be a combination of teaching, sharing, and processing. This will be a group process where we will alternate between times when I am talking and teaching and times when we are interacting with one another.
Ingredients that participants need to be willing to embody are:
• Vulnerability
• Self-reflection
• Self-responsibility
• Compassion for self and others
• Open-mindedness
• Curiosity

We will share openly and deeply with one another.
For this series we will gather 6 times for 6 weeks beginning on February 2, 2022.