Conscious Love
For Couples and Singles
Sunday, April 15th from 9am to 1pm
Class led by Kristin & Eliot Nemzer
Cost of class: $120

Our intimate relationship presents us with an endless opportunity to walk the path of love.

Marriage and long-term relationships often get a bad rap in our culture. People assume that relationships deteriorate over time and that drifting apart from one’s partner is normal. I don’t agree! I think that our relationships can remain connected and loving no matter how long we have been together. And I believe that we can repair relationships that have become disconnected. Sometimes we just need some help along the way.

Whether you are single or in partnership, this class can help you learn ways to bring more consciousness to your current or future love relationship. This class will explore different facets of partnership that are often left unexplored between partners. When unconscious intentions and expectations are made conscious, love can flow more freely and with more ease within a relationship.

Reasons to attend the class:
• To learn best practices for long-term, sustainable intimacy
• To clarify your vision for a loving relationship
• To reconnect with your inspiration and dreams for partnership
• To rekindle a relationship that needs direction

To sign up for this limited-space class, please click the button below and choose the “classes” option. More information will be emailed to you about the class after you enroll online, including the Westside Santa Cruz location and how to complete payment for the class.

Read the April 2018 article titled “Consciousness is Medicine for Our Relationships” by Kristin Nemzer, LMFT

About Kristin & Eliot Nemzer
On a professional level Kristin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Eliot is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. They both have private practices at the Westside Healing Arts Center.
On a personal level Kristin & Eliot have been a couple for 20 years and are raising their 3 children together in Santa Cruz.