Online Natural Childbirth Education

The Birthing Through Hypnosis Method provides you with a clear process and basic instructions on how to prepare your body, mind, and spirit for the birthing of your baby. This Method includes many essential tools and simple techniques that you will be able to learn, practice, and master before your baby’s birth. Many couples report that the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method helped them to have an empowering and serene birth experience.  Natural Childbirth Education is becoming more and more difficult to find in our culture due to the increase in the rate of medication offered to and accepted by women around the globe. I am always surprised by how many women assume that they will need medication and medical intervention in order to birth their baby. My personal belief is that just as a healthy woman does not need medication or medical intervention in order to grow her baby, she doesn’t need them to birth her baby. I believe that women around the globe are being subtly disempowered during the course of life by messages that a woman’s body is only valued for its beauty and not for its strength. I have dedicated my life to empowering women. Teaching women about natural birth is one area in which there is a lot of work left to do. My intention in creating the Birthing Through Hypnosis Method is to pass along the wisdom I have gained personally and professionally to other parents who are also embarking on this exciting journey.


Using Hypnosis For Natural Birth

Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most intense and transformative passages in a woman’s life. Giving birth can be one of the emotionally, physically, and spiritually transcendent moments a woman ever faces. I work with women to prepare them for the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and motherhood. I counsel women who are either having a hard time getting pregnant or who have had miscarriages. I also help women prepare for their shifting identity as a mother.  Addressing personal “mother issues” before the birth of a child can help a woman fully embrace her pregnancy, the birth experience, and the joy of a newborn baby.


I offer sessions that are 85 minutes or 55 minutes in length. Feel free to contact me to see what session length might best suit your needs.. Even one session can invite beautiful shifts into your life…especially as you prepare for the changes that lie ahead.