Love or FearI am blessed to have a busy calendar these days that is full of rewarding work, activities, and people. In the midst of a busy life I find that I make thousands of decisions every day…some small and some large…but they all create a ripple around me that impacts me, my family, my work, my time, etc. Many of the decisions I make don’t require much deliberation but when I encounter one that does, I try to filter it through the following question:

Does this decision align me with love or with fear???

I have found that this question works to cut through the mud in most decisions I have encountered.

For example, if I’m deliberating about how to spend some of my precious free time I try to pick the option that feels most driven by love. I might feel like I “need to” or “should” spend time with someone, but if my motivations are not out of love then I’m wasting both of our time.

Or if I’m trying to decide whether to talk to someone about something that has been bothering me, I ask myself that precious question. If I decide that the topic is not necessary to discuss, I’ll let it go. But if I find I’m scared to talk about it but it’s the right thing to do…I’ll spill the beans.

There are thousands of examples that I could give and instead of listing any more I’ll make the suggestion that you try it for yourself…. The next time you’re stuck ask yourself what decision you could make that aligns you with love rather than with fear. You’ll find the true path every time. The true path doesn’t always mean the easy path, mind you… But that’s the good work of life.

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