Connect to Your Essence When I first sit down with new clients I often am struck by how exhausted they appear to be. Often people wait to come to therapy until something in their life is unbearable, and it shows. Whether I am working with an individual, a couple, or a family, my goal is the same. I want to help the people I work with to connect with their essence. Often when people come into my office for the first time they are connected to their stories, to their resentments, to their accusations, to their fears, to their pain, to their anger…. Although we can all be connected to these aspects of our lives because we all have them, I want more for my clients (and for myself). I want them to connect with their true essence. There are lots of words that I could use to describe what I mean by essence. Here are a few: presence, consciousness, truth, higher self, spirit, life force. As I type each of these words I feel like I’m getting closer to the meaning I’m trying to convey, but I’m not quite touching it. The word that gets the closest is LOVE. I want my clients to connect with the essence of love in their own minds, bodies and spirits so they can live that love in the rest of their lives. Think of someone you know who lives being connected to love in many areas of his or her life. That person may not be connected to love in all areas because we all have our work to do, but think of someone who spends the vast majority of his or her days with love and beauty in his or her heart. Think about how they spend their precious life energy and the hours of their day. I would bet that they do work that they love. I would bet that they have a deep relationship with a partner. I would bet that they take good care of their health through what they eat and how they move their body in the world. I would bet that they have friends that love them. I often think of all of the ways that we spend our life energy as being different slices of the pie that makes up our life. What percentage of the pie of their life are they able to remain connected to their true essence? Can they think and act from love? Can they really be themselves and accept themselves? And what about you? How whole is your pie?
When I was growing up I deduced that success was linked to monetary wealth and financial freedom. Over many years I have come to another conclusion. I now believe that success is linked to being able to live in one’s essence in as many areas of life as possible as much of the time as possible. Sometimes monetary wealth and financial freedom come along with that path, and sometimes they do not. The goal that I hold in my heart as I do my work is that I can help the people I’m working with to be able to have their life reflect all of the love and good intentions they have in their heart. I work to help shift unhealthy patterns and move stuck ways of being so that my clients have a conscious choice in their lives to express their highest self. I want them to find their way out of the limiting stories, anger, fears, etc. that can keep them negative and imprisoned. I use tools of hypnosis, meditation, shamanic journeying, and talk therapy to work through the layers that are in between my client and his or her full potential to live a truly satisfying and meaningful life.
If you or someone you know is stuck in any slice of life, please come in for a session. Becoming unstuck is a valuable gift to give yourself.
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