I will be volunteering as a therapist at the 6th Annual California Global Youth Peace Summit next month in June 2018. I was blessed to volunteer at a similar summit that was held in Meru, Kenya in December 2017. The summit brings together 50+ youth (ages 14-17) from more than 20 countries for a week focused on leadership development, personal growth, and cultural exchange. Youth who participate come from all walks of life including youth born and raised in California as well as immigrant and refugee youth who have recently resettled in the Bay Area and youth from around the world. The youth I met in Kenya took full advantage of the opportunity they were given and they all grew and blossomed so much in our week together. I look forward to experiencing the magic of the summit in my own home state! I am also blessed to have my 16 year-old son attending the summit with me. I know he will grow and learn so much during that week. I’m grateful that he’ll be able to meet youth from all over the globe and from all socio-economic backgrounds. He will be stretched beyond the comfort of his Santa Cruz life. I feel lucky to have the resources to pay for him to attend, but many of the youth attending do not have parents or guardians who can afford this valuable experience for their children. The summit is still working to raise money to pay for all of the youth who will be attending who cannot pay their own way. Please consider donating any amount you’re able to give to support a youth in being able to attend who would otherwise not have this life-changing opportunity.

Please visit the California Global Youth Peace Summit Fundraising site to contribute what you can!!

Thank you for your generosity!